The Basics Of Yoga


Yoga is an ancient practice introduced long ago about 7 or 8 thousand years. Its temperament of body, mind and soul engaging is unique. Men or women, yoga is for everyone who is willing to stretch their body parts and observe certain poses for time intervals.

Some joints in our body require movements and lubrication. Food supplies lubrication while the exercise like Yoga provides movement. Some of our joints are overused and some are rarely used, hence, balance is not maintained. Consequently, many problems can arise, and to help these joints, basics of yoga are necessary to practice.

Pre-positions: The basic movements can be performed by standing position, sitting position, lying on your back in a Supine position and lying against your chest in a Prone position. The basic movements are as follows:

Neck: It focuses on increasing neck muscle flexibility and stamina. People diagnosed with Spondylitis should strictly avoid it. Neck movements can be executed by sitting straight and gradually bending your neck to the full extent, releasing back to normal, bending backwards and releasing to normal position, and then leaning on the right to left.

Shoulders: This particular basic yoga movement focuses on stamina and flexible movement of muscles of shoulder & back. Sit straight, maintain a neutral spine, fold hands and place the right fist on your right shoulder and left one on the left shoulder. Then, reach your elbows near your chest together and steadily rotate your left arm counterclockwise and right one in the clockwise direction. Now, repeat the same movement in opposite directions of your right and left arms.

Legs and glutes: This one shoots the flexibility of your glutes and leg muscles. It is important to know that these movements have to be continuous and steady. Lay on your back, draw your hands positioned on your head and rotate sideways. Lift up your right leg and bring it down to your hip and repeat the same movement with your left leg. Then, gradually let go of your hands to a steady position. This movement basically targets to develop muscles on hips and legs and releases tension.

Warm up: It is always better that you set the tone first; shake up your body and get the blood circulating all around. This is not an add-on feature but fundamental for easier flexibility and movement.

Attire: As you strive to accomplish certain position that stretches your muscle to an unusual level, it is important that you know about yoga attire. Yoga requires comfortable, stretchable and tight clothing.

Morning practice: You can practice yoga any time you require, but the best time is the morning time when you wake up and have an empty stomach. It is also important to know that early morning yoga can bring positive energy and release stress, which you can immensely utilize throughout your day.

The basic rules of yoga also involve patience and time. The wonders do not happen right after day 1 but happen after you put many days behind upon persistence and execute these movements correctly. We do also recommend wearing a good waist cincher while performing the exercises since it provides enough support for the body to fully maintain the best position .


Exercises For Girls To Stay In Shape


A simple routine of functional exercises, done on a daily basis, can easily be juggled along with your busy schedule, and can keep you fit and healthy.

These exercises can be done at home without having a subscription at the gym while you can also carry them out on your other exercising days. These are meant to circulate the blood all around your body muscles, boost your metabolic rate and lubricate joints.

Let us start with the following exercises which are simply meant for a healthy body shape:

  • Walkout Push-Up

The base target of this exercise are multiple groups of muscles and assimilates many movements, and thus, pace up your heart rate. It is performed by opening your feet apart equal to your hip width. It is carried out by gradually folding forward at the hip line and according to your hands to the ground. Once you reach the ground with your hands; slowly move them forward until you maintain a neutral spine. You’re in the push-up position now. Perform a regular push-up and slide your hands back to your feet placement and steadily roll up your spine, one spinal column at one time in order to return to a normal position.

  • Squats

Perform 2-3 sets of squats. Make sure you get your foot placement correct, not too wide or narrow; focus on weight distribution evenly between your legs. Keep your chest upright and a neutral spine. You should be wearing yoga pants and shoes for stability on the ground. You can squat against a wall if you are just starting out in order to learn and execute it correctly.

  • Jumping Jacks

It has been common for people to fail to care of jumping jacks, provided that they are intensely helpful in blood circulation. Your neurotransmitters in feet get stagnant and asleep usually; to wake them up is to get the heart rate up. Jumping jacks also target various muscle group and highly recommended to incorporate into your fitness workout.

  • Bridge

This is equally essential for your brain as it is for your body. It traces the squat feature of engaging brain activity. You need to distribute your body’s weight evenly about your position, place your foot firmly and focus on breathing. Your lumbar spine is activated and your feet heels take control of your weight.

  • Plank

This one is indeed nervous, yet it is one of the most effective body-weight exercises that entail amazing results to your body shape. Classified as a switch to engage your rib-cage and glutes, it opens up movement and flexibility held by that area. The functionality of this exercise is unique and there are surprisingly many muscle groups engaged while you plank. You can try for a minute or half if you are just beginning to plank.

Once you are in the groove with these simple exercises, make adaptations of multiple variations. Increase repetitions and time spent on each movement. Moreover, you can try some resistant equipment to have some challenge.


Best Chest Exercises for Women

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